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“Fitness Quest 10 changed my life!! All my life I have been an athlete and loved being in a gym. The past 2.5 years gave me another appreciation for being healthy and active. Luckily, I gave birth to two healthy baby girls, but had very difficult pregnancies. In the past 2 years I was on a total of 8 months of full time bed rest. Imagine not being able to get up for anything, not moving, exercising let alone walking or standing :( Needless to say all my muscle and strength was totally gone. We began training with Janet once a week consistently and working out on our own the rest of the week. She is absolutely AMAZING!! She truly kicks our butt with nothing but grace and dignity. She truly is a professional, motivator and makes you feel like you never want to let her or yourself down. We also have worked out a couple times with other trainers, who are just as great. I have never wanted to be a part of something more. This gym gives me motivation as I walk through the door!” ~ Kim Lyda-Savich

“Fitness Quest 10 is amazing! Everybody there makes you feel like extended family. Whether it's Todd, a trainer, an intern, or a fellow client, you are constantly being motivated to be your best. I always walk out of FQ10 classes feeling good about myself and knowing anything is possible.” ~Cristina Barajas

"Marilou's yoga class is great!  I really enjoy her Tuesday and Thursday afternoon classes.  They are the perfect way to spend your afternoon and get yourself ready to finish the day." --Jeanie Barat, class attendee

"Small group training is a great! To have the ability to get the best of both worlds from personal training and classes is awesome. I would recommend small group training to everyone!" --Cathy Newton, class attendee

“Fitness Quest 10 builds community among its clients- this is very unique and is a key factor in my enjoyment and motivation to participate! It’s about “connections” that makes the difference in any conditioning program.” –Mike McKay

“I’ve been a client at Fitness Quest 10 for 2.5 years. I live in Point Loma and it is a 36 mile round trip to workout. I have improved tremendously, doing things now that I never thought possible. The positive motivation at Fitness Quest 10 is unparalleled improving me mentally and spiritually as well. The staff is so knowledgeable that I can bring my 10 year old daughter to train also. They keep it fun and appropriately challenging for her. Fitness Quest 10 has created a unique experience for us to workout together and as a result my daughter has become much more health conscience. I would never consider training anywhere else.”
-- Steve Martes, Real Estate

“I have been a dancer and athlete all my life and cannot express enough gratitude to all the staff at Fitness Quest 10, for reshaping my body after I retired from professional dancing.  Their positive energy keeps me coming back where others have failed.  The trainers are the very best and I have been to a lot in my career.  Best of all, results, results, results in an uplifting atmosphere!  Thank you!
-- Mary Murphy, So You Think You Can Dance, Judge

“This is the finest exercise experience I have ever done.  It all starts with Todd’s vision and energy.  He employs the best trainers and techniques to optimize health and fitness.” -- Matthew “Tuck” Sitzer, Physician

“In Todd’s’ world of ‘Joes and Pros,’ the FQ10 ‘brand’ is a positive force in each of our lives.  Todd builds community by inviting people into the FQ10 family.  It is the sum total of small actions: remembering names and histories, introducing people to each other, poking fun in a way that puts people at ease and leveling the playing field by finding strength in everyone.”
-- Mary McKay, Professor

“I have been working out at Fitness Quest 10 for 7 years.  At first, to get back into shape, and then later to strengthen my back and arms after carrying my baby around.  I went on to lose 30 pounds of pregnancy weight and I am fitter now than have ever been.  I attend Fitness Quest 10 three times a week and I am always challenged to take my fitness to the next level.  Todd and his staff are so warm, knowledgeable and energetic, that I hate to miss a workout!”
-- Gina Miranda, Stay-at-home Mom

“Age places me beyond the goal of achieving a sculptured body, so my fitness priority is about remaining strong and maintaining the ability to move.  Fitness Quest 10 is preeminent at offering the tools, through top notch professional trainers, to accomplish these goals.  Yoga classes have kept me flexible and strong, Pilates sessions continue to strengthen my core while adjusting my body alignment, one on one training sessions increase my strength, agility and all important balance.  And when the efforts necessary to staying fit are spent, the reward, personalized body work/massage is a miracle cure.  All this is possible with TD and his staff.  They are the best!
-- Donna Dickinson, Retired & Grandmother of 5

“Great place, great trainers, great classes.  Todd is the greatest!”
-- Staff Walker, Retired

“I have tried diets and gyms but have never succeeded.  I have succeeded and seen great results since joining Fitness Quest 10.  People have begun to make comments about my appearance.  My husband has complimented me on my appearance and is encouraging me to work hard and stay strong.  Thank you Fitness Quest 10 for helping me maintain a healthy lifestyle for a long time to come.”
-- Holly Gray

“The workouts at Fitness Quest 10 have been tough, but enjoyable.  The trainers at Fitness Quest 10 do a great job at constantly varying routines and workouts. As someone who is not an athlete, it is great to be trained like one and train side by side some of them.  It’s an inspiration to work out alongside such elite athletes as Drew Brees, Pete Clifford, Malcolm Floyd, Tony Gwyn, Jr., Shawn Merriman, LaDainian Tomlinson, Chris Young, and others.  All the Fitness Quest 10 staff at have been very friendly, helpful and encouraging. They make you feel like family.”
-- Ron Schneider

“Simply put…Fitness Quest 10 is the absolute best thing I’ve EVER done for myself!” I typically have a very short ‘self-discipline attention span,’ so I never anticipated I’d still be working out two years later!  But, much to my surprise and PRIDE, I’LL NEVER QUIT now that I’ve discovered how GREAT I feel, how STRONG I’ve become and how much I love seeing the RESULTS!  At 61 years old I attribute my success first of all to Todd’s upbeat, positive, supportive staff…and secondly to my determination to live the healthiest years of my life from this day forward!”
-- Ellen Guest

“Wow!! Do I see and feel the difference!  For the past year since I started Pilates at Fitness Quest 10, my flexibility and range have increased tremendously.  My cycling and golf game have improved greatly.  The Pilates crew at Fitness Quest 10 is the best!”
-- Ted Mahoney

“I was referred to FQ10 by a friend of mine who saw me lying flat on my back on my back on my office floor due to terrible back pain.  After working with Brett at FQ10 for a short period of time, my back felt great.  I have been coming every week for over 5 years, and I feel great.  I can’t say enough about the staff, the techniques that are utilized, and a clear commitment by everyone at FQ10 to be the best.”
-- Jeff Becker, Business Owner

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