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My Winding Road to FQ10

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My Winding Road to FQ10

By: Clay Manley, Director of Marketing

3 years ago, I was literally living on a floor…

I’d just left full-time fitness management, packed up the only life I’d known in Illinois, & took the first real risk of my career by joining a budding digital media startup in Orange County. Believe it or not, that floor in Huntington Beach is where I first became captivated by Todd Durkin and Fitness Quest 10.

While living with a handful of strangers to make ends meet, I spent the little free time I had paging through a bright yellow book titled The IMPACT! Body Plan. I was hooked; the workouts were equally challenging and addicting, but it was the author’s story that really resonated with me. With no TV and no significant other (who’s gonna date a guy living on a floor?), I had no distractions. So, I used my time away from the grind to dive further into TD’s teachings. I vividly remember late nights watching the online mentorship from the comforts of my hand-me-down mattress on the floor, as my 13-inch computer screen lit up my ultra-cozy “room” (the room was designed to be an office, so I was encircled by a lovely built-in desk).

As I was navigating the peaks and valleys of a company trying to make it, I began replacing complaining (or “stinking thinking”) with affirmations, frustration with positivity, and living by the I.M.P.A.C.T. mantra, courtesy of TD. I felt destined to spread the word on this man, and convinced several others to hop aboard the fan club.

Well, life moves in mysterious ways.

As I continued to devour Todd’s content and admire FQ10 from afar, our startup was acquired and my digital media background and writing skills led me to a position at a global hotel marketing company.

This is where the story gets really interesting…

While honing my writing and marketing skills on hotels, a friend to whom I had recommended The IMPACT! Body Plan emailed Todd to share his incredible results and cc’d me. That one email changed the game.

TD responded and asked us, as fans, how he could continue to best serve us. I was all over that response like white on rice. I went deep on all things from social media to blogging to products, and even offered my writing services free of charge. Sure enough, Todd responded, and the next day we were on the phone talking strategy. Imagine admiring someone from afar for years, then having them request a phone call to pick your brain. Heck, I was just hoping he might know my name some day.

That call was about six months ago, and since then I’ve been working behind the scenes, helping out as a ghostwriter, social media strategist, and offering up impactful ideas as they come to me. And man, has it been fun. So, when the Director of Marketing position opened up here, Todd texted me to see if I could jump on a call for a “quick question.” Once on the line, he asked, “Clay, what would it take to have you join the team?” Well, I’m here, so you can guess how that conversation went, and I can confidently say I’ll never forget that Friday afternoon

The rest is, as they say, history.

I’ve been at FQ10 almost three full weeks after moving down from Orange County (shout out to Dave and Amy Martin for putting me up temporarily); and the job, team, clients (YOU), and culture, is everything I hoped it’d be. Not everyone gets a shot to work for someone they look up to and an organization they admire (California Small Business of the Year and a 7-time Men’s Health Top 10 Gym is no joke!), and it’s safe to say both TD and I feel we were placed on each other’s paths for a reason. Now, it’s time to dive deep and make magic happen for the FQ10 community.

With that, I’ve got work to do! From the bottom of my heart, thank you for reading (if you made it this far, I’m proud to say the written word is still alive and well!). And please, don’t hesitate to say hi. I’m a fish out of water as my beloved cat and girlfriend finish up our lease up north, and I’m just getting my feet wet with all the great things FQ10 & TDE stand for. I believe I’ve found my purpose here, and it was well worth taking the plunge and going all-in on the FQ10 Family. Oh, and just as Todd asked me in that initial game-changing email, please don’t hesitate to hit me up with how I can best serve YOU.


Clay Manley

Director of Marketing

9 responses to “My Winding Road to FQ10”

  1. Dawn says:

    Welcome! You’re gonna ❤️ it here!

  2. Welcome, Clay! I am in TD’s Mastermind Platinum, Team 5. I remember watching the video when you and your friend as “fans’ came to visit FQ10. Now, here you are! Best of luck and I look forward to meeting you. ((PS. As a woman, I would recommend you might consider mentioning your girlfriend before your cat. LOL 😉 ))

    • Clay Manley says:

      Thank you for the warm welcome, Jeaneane! Love that you’ve been following my “road” a bit! Oh, and I totally agree on the cat versus Kelli. That was a little test to see if anyone was actually reading :)… right? LOL!

  3. JoVita Nye says:

    Welcome Clay! We are glad you are here! Attended my first 10 day Fit Camp one year ago, and nowI am addicted! FQ10 is my “happy place”!!

    • Clay Manley says:

      That is AWESOME to hear! Especially as I’m witnessing this year’s Fit Camp for the first time. Thanks for the warm welcome and congrats on finding your “happy place” here!

  4. Julie Ross says:

    Wlcome to the family! 13 years after my first fitness quest workout, I’m still here! Hope you love it as much as I do!

  5. Rock n roll Clay!! Congrats again! With your passion, enthusiasm, and work ethic I know you will do great things at FQ 10 and with TD! You guys are a great match! Cheers!

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